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Park Bom returns with the MV to the track ‘Spring’, after 8 years without launch.

Former member of the group, 2NE1, returned with the single “Spring”, after 8 years since the last release. Even after so much quiet time, Park Bom showed that her voice still remains deep and powerful, where she shows all the excitement of the song.

In addition, the track contains several meanings where she received all the support of Brave Brothers, who produced and composed “Spring” and who is a close friend of the singer and also Sandara Park, her former groupmate. Which makes this return even brighter.

“Spring” is a groove mixed with pop in the background and uses the word spring for various meanings. This song contains the true feelings of the songstress when meeting fans through a new song after a long time. The earnest feelings make the song more profound.

So check out below, the MV of the track “Spring” by Park Bom (feat.Sandara Park). And stay tuned for more updates.

Source: OSEN

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