[Opinion] Understand about Topp Dogg’s Hansol and asexuality

Yes, today I will address a topic that has gained a lot of attention lately. Let’s talk about asexuality.
This subject brought to light after Topp Dogg member Hansol declared in a live that he was asexual. Yes the right term is asexual.
Calm down I will clarify more on the subject throughout the post.


What is asexuality?

According to the dictionary, asexuality means: “1. Quality, condition or condition that is asexual, 2. absence of sex or sexual reproduction”.
Asexuality would be the lack of sexual interest by another person. With a minimal or nonexistent lack of interest in human sexual activities.
It may be considered a lack of sexual orientation or a variation of existing guidelines.
Asexual persons, different from people who choose sexual abstinence (lack of sexual activity for personal or religious reasons), can have such practices. Only to please the partner or for the purpose of having children.
This is, not to say that the asexual individual does not have the capacity to love someone in a romantic way.

Once we have defined what asexuality is, let’s go to the central point of the post.

In the live, the member of the group Topp Dogg, Hansol, declared that it would be asexual. Because he affirms that it does not like nobody and that it would not want to marry.
But what many fans have been confused about is the fact that Hansol has no attraction for either men or women.

It does not mean that he is incapable of feeling romantic attraction to another person.

Many people have raised erroneous questions on the subject, associating sexual orientation with the romantic orientation.
As he himself states that he has no interest in sexual matters, but it may be that in the future. He may feel some romantic feeling for another person.
After the video, where Hansol assumes asexual has gained much repercussion. And has gained a lot of support also, for the courage that he had in assuming.
Fans should bear in mind, that regardless of the sexual orientation of their idol. They should support you above all else and try to understand the on the subject.

Let us give our support to him and congratulate him on the attitude he took in assuming.
I want to know what you think of the attitude that the Topp Dogg member had. And what your opinions are on that subject. So folks this is it, until the next post!







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