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Frip is a Korean app where teachers and creators can offer a variety of classes, workshops, trips and special experiences. For people living in Seoul, this offers a great chance to try new things and meet new people. The classes and workshops offered range from exercise and sports, cooking and food, arts and crafts, personal development, social gatherings, and travel.

Here are some of the types of classes you can take for fun, new experiences in Seoul:

Flowers in the City

Frip has various workshops for flower arranging and floral crafts. For example, this One-day Bouquet Class. Held at the Sinchon International Flower Festival, the class gives you a chance to learn flower arranging and visit the flower market.

Work Life +A

There are also a variety of classes for personal development, psychology, self-esteem, career advice, etc. Here is one selection of classes for improving your career, including this class on overcoming presentation anxiety and speech practice. Gather with others in the same position as you to practice public speaking such as speeches and presentations.

Travel in Korea

Arranged day trips, tours, and travel packages are popular in Korea. When you want to travel outside of Seoul but don’t have your own transport, one-day coach trips are a great way to travel without having to plan anything yourself. Here’s one example of a day trip to visit the 2017 Busan Fireworks Festival, and there’s a whole range of other trips available for around Korea.

Shall We Run Together?

Exercise and health are also popular hobbies in Korea, and Seoul is great for running and hiking especially. Frip has classes and meetups for surfing, kayaking, yoga, and more, as well as this series of running classes and groups such as Night Walk. Go running after sunset in the refreshing Autumn air with professional running coach and see the beautiful views of Seoul at night at the same time.


Frip offers classes, workshops, and experiences where you can get a mixture of all the good things in life that the vibrant city of Seoul has to offer. Night kayaking on the Han river, rooftop yoga and a fresh-cooked meal, painting, pottery, self-improvement, exercise, socialising and having fun – there’s sure to be workshops on things you’ve always wanted to try or didn’t know you needed until now!





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