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Nu’est Minhyun releases full MV for the pre-release track “Universe”.

On April 3rd, Minhyun released the single “Universe”, a track is a pre-release song for Nu’est‘s comeback album with all members and is presented by Minhyun.

(Photo: Universe MV)

“Universe” is the third part as well as the final one of the story starting from the mini-album vol.4 “Q” released in 2016, at the same time signaling a new beginning waiting for Nu’est in the future.

(Photo: Universe MV)

Overall “Universe” is a romantic song. However, the song still compliments the feelings of the typical R & B genre when using a medium tempo as the bass. Not to mention, Minhyun’s subtle and delicate vocals in “Universe” are also equally impressive.

(Photo: Universe MV)

At MV, the singer attracted all the attention for his exciting performance.

Then watch the MV of “Universe” below and stay tuned for more updates.

(Video: Nu’est Official Channel)

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