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Nu’est gives hint to the group’s new album.

Through official SNS and the YouTube channel, Pledis Entertainment suddenly released a video prologue of a new album at midnight (KST) on April 15, announcing Nu’est‘s comeback with the full lineup.

The group received a lot of attention from fans when the first revealed the name of the album and the release date, which is April 29, through a surprise announcement of the video prologue signaling their return at the concert called “2019 NU’EST CONCERT ‘Segno’ IN SEOUL”that held at the Olympic Gymnastics Gymnasium in Seoul on April 14.

In the video shows a mysterious mirror that has been caught up in previous video previews of Nu’est ‘WHO, YOU” and ”WAKE, N” songs. Next, the sound and the image of water droplets falling in the heavy atmosphere made viewers unconsciously immersed in the video.

(Photo: Happily Ever After Video Prologue)

Fans are expressing their anticipation to know if the album released on April 29 by Nu’est will have the maturity in music and what thoughts will it contain.

Meanwhile, from April 12 to 14, Nu’est amassed a total of 36,000 audiences to the concert ”2019 NU’EST CONCERT ‘Segno’ IN SEOUL”. After successfully holding the concert, the group is in preparation for their comeback on April 29.

(Video: Nu’est Official Channel)

Source: Xportsnews

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