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NU’EST continues to release spoilers on the new song.

The group released in the official SNS, at 0:00, another image with the dark sky and the light of the moon. But in the image it also contains a line of the letter, saying, “Even if I may be a fool …”, leaving a darker and heavier atmosphere besides conveying a sadder feeling. Very different from the previous image that passed a feeling of tranquility.

(Photo: Pledis Entertainment)

In addition, they also give clues in song lyrics and in 2 hashtags “#Songtitle and “# 100315_6PM“. Leaving the fans even more curious about what kind of style the group will adopt for this new song. Fans are also looking forward to the release of the track and at the same time giving a lot of attention to the boys.

NU’EST announced that the new song will be released on March 15 at 6 PM (KST) on digital music sites.

Source: NEWSEN.

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