Non-teaching Job in South Korea

Not every job seeker in South Korea is a fan of teaching. They might be genius in other fields like art, technology or writing.
This article might be so useful for those who are willing to work in South Korea but whose Korean is still not perfect.
But first I would like to mention that Visa is required for every legal work in South Korea.

1-Media: Modeling and Acting:

You obviously need to have a charming face and a good body shape to get selected.
If you are lucky enough you will get hired by one of the biggest korean companies. These companies will provide you the right visa and offer you sponsorships.
There are also some castings specially for “foreigners” who are interested in acting but with zero experience, if they choose you, they will pay you just for sitting in that aesthetic cafe and acting all pretty.

In the same field, you can be on Tv programs and get paid for few hours of shooting.

2-Editing jobs:

If you like reading and writing, and you are a native speaker of that needed language then this job is the one. A lot of Korean agencies need you and they are ready to give the same salary as a full-time teacher.
You can find editing jobs on the internet and start working as a freelancer and build your editor carrer.

3-Voice Acting:

Maybe you are not satisfied with your actual salary and you have time to make few more Wons?
Maybe you have a good acting talent but you are not a camera-person?
Well, this job is for you !
Voice acting jobs include reading TV, radio or shopping mall annoucements, recording for GPS, and many other opportunities.
This job will afford you a pay depending on your voice and experience.
But don’t worry, even if you are not familiar with voice acting, this job can be perfect for native speakers of other languages.
There are two ways to get voice acting jobs, either by sending a demo of your voice on the internet, or by finding the location of studio and go there.

Where to find jobs in South Korea online:

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