Netmarble Games collaborates with BTS to launch new mobile game “BTS WORLD”!


After dominating the music scene in 2017, BTS is ready to take over the world of gaming with game developer Netmarble Games!

On February 6th, Netmarble Games at the 4th Netmarble Together, held a press conference and revealed one of their latest projects to be a collaboration game with BTS- “BTS WORLD.” As the title suggests, “BTS WORLD” is a mobile game that features BTS members where players will be tasked to manage and develop the members.

BTS members also worked with Netmarble Games to create the title ‘BTS WORLD.’ The game described as a realistic ‘cinematic game‘, attempts to combine K-pop and ‘K-gaming’ through a new format.  The group also did exclusive pictorials and filmed various cutscenes for the game that will allow the players to have a realistic gaming experience and work with BTS as their managers.


At the press conference, chairman of Netmarble GamesBang Joon Hyuk shared, “Over 10,000 photos and 100 videos will be exclusively revealed in the game. The members of BTS took part in photo shoots, acted and also recorded a new track for this game.

He expressed the ideology behind the game and stated, “This will be an attempt at fusing games across cultures. I believe that games should develop a new genre by collaborating with movies, dramas, performances, and such. Beginning with ‘BTS World’, we will take on new challenges of combining games with various cultural content.

Netmarble Games also released a short teaser of the game at the press conference, which features clips of BTS members. In one of the scenes, BTS members appear in a video chat with the players as part of the interactive cinematic gaming experience. Also, at the end of the clip in the voice over, BTS‘s Jungkook announces “Official  game of BTS.

Check out the teaser clip, below!

It was also announced that the game is scheduled to release in the first half of 2018. And, if you are worried about the game’s localization, then you don’t need to worry as Netmarble stressed that the game will be targeted to the international market, which implies that the game will be accessible to international players and languages other than Korean will also be available.

BTS WORLD” is not the first game BTS has worked on. Earlier this year, Big Hit Entertainment released a rhythm game in collaboration with Dalcomsoft titled, SUPERSTAR BTS,” where the game allows users to play various tap-games that are synced to BTS‘ songs and collect digital cards.

If you are not familiar with Netmarble Games, it is South Korean’s largest mobile-gaming company which was founded in March 2000 by Bang Joon Hyuk, also known as the ‘Steve Jobs of Korea‘. This gaming-giant has a slew of notable games in its catalog including, Dragon Ball Online, Marvel: Future FightScarlet Blade, Star Wars: Force Arena, and Dragon Striker which are all titles under the company, making “BTS WORLD” its first K-pop collaboration project.

On a side note, Bang Joon Hyuk is also the cousin brother of Big Hit Entertainment‘s CEO and BTS‘s creator, Bang Shi Hyuk, so this project will be the first ‘Bang-Bang brother’ collaboration! 

The release of “BTS WORLD” is not far away, so BTS fans better clear up some space on their smartphones and get ready for a new ‘cinematic gaming’ experience!

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