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NCT Dream releases MV for “Don’t Need Your Love” music in collaboration with artist HRVY.

At 6 pm (KST), the MV of the track “Don’t Need Your Love” was released through the online music sites. And the song is the 13th track of the project “SM Station (season 3)”.

(Photo: SM Entertainment)

The new song “Don’t Need Your Love” is synthesized music that combines the sound of the guitar and the rhythmic beat. The lyrics of the song revolve around the determination to end the love with the verse “I no longer need your love”.

The MV is also filled with the charisma of NCT Dream and HRVY. With the presence of the NCT Dream and HRVY, the video clip portrayed the boys’ appearance of overcoming feelings of love in a “cool” way at the Don’t Need Your Love club on a campus.

Notably, Renjun‘s performance with his scene shedding tears early in the choreography of MV and NCT Dream with HRVY impressed the viewers. In addition, filming the neon light panel made the video more enjoyable and attracted all eyes.

(Photo: SM Entertainment)

Thus, the synergy of the two teams shone in “Don’t Need Your Love”. At this point, the audience is focusing their attention to see how much love this collaboration will receive and the future plans of the two artists.

HRVY is a rookie singer who is receiving great attention thanks to his extraordinary vocal abilities and unique timbre through songs of success like “Personal”, “Hasta luego”, “Told You So”. He is also getting passionate interest from the public as he has been named on the Brit List, which reveals the most promising newcomers conducted by BBC Radio 1.


Source: OSEN

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