National Forensic Service releases results of Kim Joo Hyuk’s vehicle investigation.

Kim Joo Hyuk vehicle analysis released

The National Forensic Service has announced the results of Kim Joo Hyuk’s vehicle analysis.

On January 30, the National Forensic Service stated that the vehicle Kim Joo Hyuk had been driving was not defective. The actor passed away following a car accident last October, with the cause of the accident yet to be determined.

The Gangnam Police Station shared that they had received a report from the National Forensic Service on January 30 which stated, “The result of the investigation of Kim Joo Hyuk’s vehicle says that there is no evidence of vehicle defects such as rapid acceleration or mechanical malfunctions. It has been concluded that the video of the accident taken by the black box found in Kim Joo Hyuk’s car did not record any audio data [of the inside of the car].

The National Forensic Service also stated, “There was no evidence of the cause being an ineffectiveness of the brakes.

In addition they also explained that as the car had been severely damaged, they were not able to carry out the normal driving test. The investigation results were determined by checking response data after connecting or replacing damaged parts, starting the engine, and accelerating.

Previously, the National Forensic Service had released the autopsy report in November, which stated the cause of death too be cranial fracture. They explained, “We didn’t find any signs of myocardial infarction [heart attack], and our toxicology test only showed a small amount of antihistamine. No traces of alcohol or toxins were detected, and our heart examinations didn’t show any signs of coronary artery damage, abnormal blood vessels, or inflammation.

It has been reported that the police are planning to request additional medical judgement in regards to the cause of Kim Joo Hyuk’s death, taking into consideration the result of the autopsy and the investigation of his vehicle.

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