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Monsta X’s I.M announces the release date of his mixtape solo “HORIZON”.

Starship Entertainment caught the attention of fans when surprisingly on April 15 posted a teaser photo for Monsta X’s I.M solo mixtape called “HORIZON” in the official SNS.

In the published image, it shows an emotional atmosphere, in a purple background with a mystical and attention-grabbing vibe. More above has written in dark purple lines “水平線 SUN RISE AND SUN SET I.M MIX TAPE_HORIZON” and “2019.04.19.00AM”. The text that is in English is an important clue to the new song that will be revealed, doubting the expectations.

(Photo: Starship Entertainment)

The Monsta X’s rapper hopes that through the release of his mixtape bring more mature and emotional songs based on his rapping capabilities and distinct voice.

On the other hand, I.M’s new solo mixtape “HORIZON” will be released at 0:00 (KST) April 19 through global digital music sites such as iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud – the worldwide online music distribution platform.

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