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Monsta X signs contract with a US label.

On May 28 (US time), according to the US Billboard, Monsta X has recently signed a contract with Epic Records to operate and release albums overseas. The US Billboard reported and introduced, “K-pop boy band Monsta X has entered a new era by signing with Epic Records.”

The new move marks a new chapter for the group which has been selling out arena shows, garnering streams in the millions and even appearing in an animation, as the label will be in charge of their English language recordings and distribution outside South Korea.

The group has been working on new music — which the label says will be “coming soon” — and going by the wordings, the group is likely to release new music specifically designed for international audiences — unlike groups like BTS and Blackpink which mostly release records in the Korean language.

​In addition, Epic Records’ Chairman and CEO Sylvia Rhone expressed the appreciation for Monsta X, “K-pop has indelibly impacted the global conversation. At the top of that conversation, you’ll find Monsta X. They’re ushering the genre into the future with an original style befitting of their experience, passion, and diverse influences. We’re honored to welcome them to the Epic Records family.”

Regarding signing the contract with Epic Records, Monsta X expressed, “We are thrilled to join the Epic Family alongside some of the artists we admire the most. This is like a dream come true and we still can’t believe that this is happening to us. We can’t thank our [fandom] Monbebe enough for their endless support and for making everything possible.”

K-pop boyband Monsta X has signed on with Epic Records, a major record label under Sony Music Entertainment that dates back to 1953, boasting pop legends like Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Camila Cabello, just to name a few.

The group’s US manager Eshy Gazit, who previously worked with BTS, also shared his excitement, “The boys are super excited. They are so modest and incredible human beings. They truly deserve the world. I’m beyond excited. This is a major part of a bigger plan that we’ve been working hard on for over a year now,” he said.

While not giving further details, Gazit says fans — also known as Monbebes — are in for a treat.

“Many surprises are prepared for Monbebes from Monsta X. They genuinely do everything they can to give back the love to fans. It’s probably the most amazing and symbiotic relationship in the world,” he said.

Monsta X is performing the world tour “WE ARE HERE” going through 18 cities worldwide and lasting until August. Then, in September, the group will be the only Korean Artists to attend “2019 iHeartRadio Music Festival” held in Las Vegas, the US.

Source: The Korea Herald | Starnews

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