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Momoland says it would be great if they could collaborate with Car, the Garden.

On May 5, Momoland responded to the invitation of singer-songwriter Car, the Garden. On the same day, via SNS official group, an article was posted, saying, ” Thank you, Car, the Garden for supporting Momoland. We were really surprised to see the broadcast. We are also a fan of Car, the Garden. It would be great if we had a chance to collaborate with you. Please, call us anytime. ”

With that, the girls posted a photo of the broadcast in which they were mentioned by Car, the Garden.

In MBC‘s entertainment program “Omniscient Interference Point” broadcast on the afternoon of May 4, the singer said he was a fan of Momoland and said, “I like Momoland the most. I want to work with them. “

In addition, the group has just will release their new song “Momola” with only 5 members and also has the participation of Vietnam’s top singer Erik. The music gained a lot of attention from fans because it was a collaboration between artists from Korea and Vietnam.

Momoland still plans to conduct promotional activities in Japan beginning May 10.

Source: TEN Asia

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