MeToo movement strikes photographer Rotta, accused of sexually harassing model.

photographer Rotta accused of sexually harassing a model.

The #MeToo movement strikes again in the entertainment industry. Suspicions have been raised against photographer Rotta, after he was accused of sexually harassing a model.

Choi Won Seok a.k.a “Rotta,” who is known for his controversial “lolita” style concept photo shoots, has been accused of sexually harassing a model. On February 28th, the model spoke abut the allegations through an interview on MBC‘s “Newsdesk.” She stated that she was an ordinary university student when Rotta first approached her through social media to be his model five years ago.

She stated,”[Rotta] told me to bite his fingers. He claimed that he had asked other models to do the same thing before. He kept caressing me.” She left the studio when Rotta did not stop his advances despite her refusal. She added that Rotta took explicit photos of her entire body, unlike his initial promise to not capture anything below her shoulders.

photographer Rotta accused of sexually harassing a model.

The model further mentioned that Rotta continued to send her messages after the photo shoot which read, “I couldn’t resist as you were too beautiful.” When she requested for Rotta to delete the photos, he replied, “How can I delete them when they are so beautiful?”

In response to the allegations, Rotta denied any wrongdoing and stated, “I asked the model for her consent during the photo shoot and there were no questions raised at that time.” He has not released any further statements since.

Rotta joins a growing list of infamous individuals, including actors, musicians, directors, and professors who have admitted to sexually harassing girls in the past following the explosion of the #MeToo movement in Korea.

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