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Mamamoo releases MV teaser for “gogobebe”, title track of the mini album vol.9 “White Wind”.

On March 12, Mamamoo released via their official SNS, the MV teaser of the title track “gogobebe”. In the video, girls show anxiety when invited to a party. They also show off their makeup and costumes for the party in an animated way.

In an instant transformation, the girls circled while clapping hard, showing a positive energy and showing the different charms of the group. In the background fans can hear the addictive melody and one of the lines of the song “Come here, come here gogobebe”.

The track “gogobebe” is the title track of the mini album vol.9 “White Wind” and shows a refreshing energy and the lyrics talk about not holding us in love and sad stories of the past and move on. Meanwhile, the release of Mamamoo’s new album takes place on March 14 at 6 PM (KST).

Check below, the MV teaser of the track “gogobebe”.

(Video: Mamamoo’s Official Channel)


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