Letter written by Jo Min Ki surfaces after his death.

Jo Min Ki's letter surfaces after his death

On March 9th, Jo Min Ki who was recently accused of sexual harassment was found dead.

After his death was confirmed, it came to light that Jo Min Ki had delivered a hand written letter to the media outlet Dispatch on February 26th. His agency had decided not to release the letter and opted for an osurfficial statement of apology instead.

The letter reads:

Everything is my fault, my crime.

I was caught off-guard by it all and as time passed that became increasingly difficult for me to bear, I became a cowardly person who evaded and denied the issue.

I am ashamed and sorry. During the past seven years, I had no choice but to become a stern professor to my juniors who had begun the difficult path to become an actor.

In private, I tried to let go of that sternness. I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart to the juniors who felt humiliated or ashamed in that situation.

I am both sorry to you and grateful that at least now I can repent of my arrogance and wrongdoing.

Finally, I apologize to Cheongju University and the students of the theater department who are still devoting themselves sincerely to their art.

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