Launch of IU’s “Flower Bookmark 2” physical album is postponed.

Fans who pre-ordered the IU‘s new remake album will have to wait a little longer to get their physical copy!

On September 24, FAVE Entertainment released an official statement saying:

“The physical version of the new album remake of IU ‘Flower Bookmark 2’ was originally to be out on September 25. But due to some problems, the date will be temporarily delayed. We’re thinking it will be out in the middle of October. But an exact date will be out next week. We sincerely apologize for the long delay, even more so that the Chuseok holiday is coming. For those of you who participated in the album pre-sale, the first copies will come with two posters instead of one. If you would like to cancel or change your orders, please contact your sellers. “

IU explained the reason in today’s fanmeeting. Previously, the single from the album would be ‘With a Determines Heart to Forget You’ from singer Kim Kwang Seok, who committed suicide in 1996. And who would have an MV made from the last teaser released, from actor Park Jung Min writing a letter.

But due to the discovery of the death of the singer’s daughter recently, IU thought it would be inappropriate to launch the remake, even more for being the main single. On the 22nd, was to be out was the MV of ‘With a Determines Heart to Forget You’. And the special clip of SRN. The MV of ‘Last Night Story’ would be out later, like Ending Scene. But because of this, the plans changed. The song canceled just days before the digital release. The singer transferred ‘Sleepless Rainy Night’ as the main single and released her special clip along with the LNS MV.

Thus, the physique had to be totally redone for the withdrawal of the track.

IU: “It was impossible not to add a song from Kim Kwang Seok sunbaenim, I really like him. So yes, I chose this song as a single at the end. Fortunately, I recorded it along with Autumn Morning a long time ago. But because of recent news, my heart was heavy. That would be the only folk ballad on the album. The album would seem incomplete without it. But I felt I should do it. If I did this song, everyone would have strange feelings. So due to various reasons, I decided to delete the song from the album. I sincerely apologize for having to postpone the release of the physique. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. “






Source: 4seasonswithIU | Pretty Ji | 마이데일리 | kpoppers states



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