Korea’s Superiority Complex


Some people might agree or disagree on the things I might say in this article, but after talking to many foreigners from: Canada, America, Europe, and Australia something has become very clear, Korea is not like the rest of the world. There thoughts don’t line up with many other big nations in the world like the ones listed above and this can cause huge issues not only between foreigners and Koreans, but even Koreans to Koreans sometimes don’t even get along. Come along for the ride while i dissect Korea in most ways people don’t want to talk about.

Korea has long been known as one race, or we can call this “ethic homogeneity” which means the country is mostly Koreans. They believe in marrying Koreans, making friends with Koreans, and only speaking Korean, which honestly has made the country like a 1950s America, Canada, or Europe. Their ideals can be jaded and so can their thought processes. Before you say I am being harsh, and I might be, considered this: Koreans have not wanted too, nor tried to learn other cultures up until the last 10 years which has put them way behind the rest of the world. They have a huge superiority complex that their Korean ways are better and only pure-blooded Koreans should be allowed in Korea to live amongst the Koreans. Even recently the government wanted to separate the beaches in Busan into: Koreans, Chinese, Other Foreigners, and baby’s. This tells you how much Korea is truly racist even to this day. Yes, it is slowly disappearing but not quickly and even many young people aren’t willing to learn or accept the rest of the world and that’s not a good thing for Korea. They have fallen into a hole that might be very hard to climb out of if the pattern continues in the younger generations.

Several things that make Korea a country that has fallen behind in the times to the rest of the world are these: communication, relationships, manners, and racism. First communication, Koreans can’t stand direct communication which is what the rest of the world communicates in. Koreans are known to think like chess players, thinking everything out, ahead one step, while the rest of the world rather just say whats on their mind. Koreans tend to view other cultures like: Americans, Canadians as simple- minded, but to the rest of the world we believe such “thinking ahead” can lead to Koreans feeling superior to others and lead to mental illness known as “superiority complex” Which many Koreans have because they look down on the rest of the world being not pure-blooded. Koreans also tend to lack manners like the rest of the world. Saying “excuse me” or opening a door for somebody just isn’t a thing in Korea and as a foreigner until you have somebody sneeze on you and they don’t cover their mouth or apologize in Korea you can’t truly understand how a country is minus the politeness. Also, on the other hand manners are strange  in Korea. Your grandmother can slap you and you are supposed to say sorry. All other counties see this as backwards. Your husband hits you because you didn’t do something he said and you should apologize as the wife., or a car runs over you because you crossed a cross walk when it was green and you should apologize . To the rest of the world but Korea these behaviors are wrong and some could land you in jail for days or years!

The main issue in Korea though is: racism. Koreans think they are better because they are a pure-blooded race. They believe foreigners don’t hold a place in their country but at the same time they crave to learn English because they know their country is very small and without it their opportunities will always be in Korea and in today’s world it’s a fact Korean is not in demand: anywhere. It’s not a language that is in need because only two countries speak it and that’s: North and South Korea, so while they are racist to foreigners they crave to learn a language that is not theirs so in a way it is very contradictory. They sometimes don’t like the foreigners coming in to their country, but they want to learn from them. They have been known to make fun of black people with black face. They tend to think all white women no matter if they are from America or Europe are Russian prostitutes and its something that needs to change the complex Koreans have that they are better, when they are not and actually way behind the times. While other countries are allowing immigrants to come in without much discrimination as long as it is legal and on a proper visa and gay people to marry. While other countries give women proper wages, and benefits to people of all ethnicities and races, foreigners and citizens, gay or straight, disabilities or  not  Korea still can’t stand even a normal white foreigners that teach their children English. They look down at us and refuse to see the world openly like: America, Canada, Europe, and Australia have, but if they don’t, Korea will not last much longer in the rat race of the world and they will be stuck in the 1950s way of thought in a world that is moving past them with much difficulty to catch up to the current ways of the world. They must move forward and embrace the rest of the morals and thoughts of the current world and they can do this by getting passed their superiority  complexes that their way is better.



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