Korean Secret Recipe for a Hot Summer Day – Bingsu

During my journey in Seoul, I have explored too many korean recipes and discovering Bingsu in the middle of a humid day while trying to beat the sweltering heat , this was definitely my favorite part.

Bingsu 빙수 is a popular korean dessert, made with shaved ice and sweet and fruity toppings ( red beans, mango, strawberry, melon, green tea, chocolate and more).

Bingsu first appeared during the Joseon Dynasty and it was made with red beans, tteok ( rice cake ) and nuts powder and it is what we call Pat Bingsu 팥빙수.

Cannot eat red beans? No worries!

Today, you can find the perfect combination of your favorite fruits and chocolate served with syrup, vanilla ice-cream, cheesecake and honey, that will make you crave for more.

And one of the best combination that you can try is the Mango cheesecake Bingsu:

How about our readers who are going on a diet? Well let me tell you that Healthy Bingsus exist, YES THEY DO EXIST!!!

Green tea Bingsu, Sweet pumpkin Bingsu, Hanbang (medical herbs) Bingsu .. No more excuses, it’s your turn to try it !

Green tea Bingsu: 

My recommendation:
Sulbing Dessert Cafe 설빙, a chain dessert café that you can spot everywhere in Seoul.
They have a big variety in the menu that would never make you disappointed.

My favorite is the Melon strawberry cheesecake Bingsu, what is your favorite ? And which one would you like to try first ? Waiting for your comments and please don’t forget to like and share 🙂




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