Korea: King of Convenience

I grew up in a small town, surrounded by forests. Stores were a good drive away, and nearly everything closed by 9pm. If you needed anything, you had to drive pretty far and if it was too late, you were out of luck. Korea on the other hand, is a world of difference. Korea takes convenience to the next level, making life a lot easier with these five things.

5. Food delivery:

There are countless food delivery apps in the Korean app store, but one of the most popular is Yogiyo. You can use this application to buy nearly any food and have it delivered, typically within 45 minutes. You can even have ice cream from Baskin Robins delivered, for those days when you just need a pint of your favorite flavor. It only shows you the restaurants in your area, so you can even order from the local mom-n-pop stores you love to visit!


4. Online shopping:

Online shopping is a breeze in Korea. There are of course tons of websites used, but a few of the most popular are Gmarket and Coupang. Both are similar to Amazon in that they have many different sellers with competitive prices. But unlike Amazon, if you order something on a Korean website, it’s typically delivered within one to two days if you pay by 2pm. I had the shocking experience of ordering something from Seoul and having it arrive in Busan the next day! This is all without paying extra for shipping.


3. Banking:

Internet banking in America was always a pain. A simple deposit would sometimes take up to 5 business days to show up, not to mention the pain of an expensive overdraft. Bank transfers were also complicated and could take days. But in Korea, internet banking is a breeze and it’s instant. If I need to send money, I can do it from my phone in under a minute, and the recipient will receive it instantly. Some banks even have options such as a notification of your remaining balance any time you use your card. Oh, and overdrafts? You’ll never overdraft your Korean account.



2. Grocery shopping:

Shopping can be the biggest pain when you’re busy and tired, especially living in a big city. It can be difficult to find the best deals in your area. Which is why in Korea, you can buy your groceries fresh from the grocery store online and have it delivered at the time of your choosing. Homeplus is a pretty popular grocery chain that delivers online orders here, with their own website and a page on Gmarket. But if online grocery shopping leaves you feeling a little off, you can also go to the stores, choose your items in person and then tell the cashier you’d like it delivered. The best part about it is that the delivery is free, if you buy more than 30,000w worth of items.




1. Kakaotalk:  

When it comes to Korea, it’s impossible not to hear about KakaoTalk. But Kakao is so much more than a messenger here. Kakao has everything from shopping to banking included in the application. Say your friend is having a bad day, and you want to cheer them up. You can send them a gift via Kakao for their favorite drink or snack, or even send them  a gift certificate so that they can decide what they’re in the mood for themselves. There are even Kakao exclusive sales!

These are just a few of the ways Korea makes daily life a lot easier, and you should definitely take advantage of these options if you move to Korea. From food to gifts, you’ll never have to stress about spending too much time on things again.



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