Kim Woo Bin diagnosed with cancer, talks about his current health condition in handwritten letter.

Kim Woo Bin, diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer, talks about his current health condition in handwritten letter.

The actor diagnosed with the disease last spring. He spoke about the state of his health for the first time after 7 months. On December 29, he shared the letter on an official fan page. Read the translation below:

Hello, this is Kim Woo Bin.

I wondered how to start my first sentence for a long time after holding up the pen. Although I’m greeting you guys through a letter, my heart is pounding as if I’m standing in front of you guys. First of all… were you guys really surprised? 

I wanted to let everyone know sooner, but I’ve been so occupied with receiving treatment and taking care of my body that a total of 7 months have passed. Honestly, I also got afraid each time my name appeared on the real-time search ranking so it took me longer, but I wanted to deliver [my message] before this year passed. 

First, I think I need to talk about my current condition which is what you are curious about the most. Back in May, I received the diagnosis of nasopharyngeal cancer, an illness I’ve never heard of. With understandings from film directors, sunbae and hoobae actors, and staff members, I adjusted all schedules immediately and started treatment. 

Thanks to all of your support and prayers, I have successfully completed 3 chemotherapy sessions in addition to undergoing radiation therapy a total of 35 times. I was able to withstand it all while reading everybody’s encouraging messages on the fan cafe. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Currently, I am gradually recovering after safely receiving treatment and going for follow-up testing. I’ve also been taking strolls from time to time and eating meals on a regular basis, and I feel that I’m gradually getting better. However, I think it will take some more time for me to greet you all. Every time I left a message on the fan cafe, I always said to take good care of yourselves as health is first and foremost. But I feel embarrassed that I’m here showing a weak side of me. Through this opportunity, I will take extra care of my health and work hard to only deliver good news. 

I pray only the good will happen in the new year for everyone and their families who are going through a difficult time right now. I hope 2018, only filled with happiness, and I hope all is healthy. 

One day, I’ll come back healthily as if nothing happened. I always appreciate you guys. Thank you. I love you.




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