K-Pop Idols You Didn’t Know Are Successful Business Owners

They wow and excite us with their spectacular stage presence and vocals, but did you know that some of our favorite K-pop celebs are also successful business owners. It’s a smart move to have backup investments, and many k-pop celebrities recognize this. In the ever evolving music industry, longevity is unfortunately a rarity. Celebrities are privy to this, so many open up their own side businesses or make investments in companies. Although some choose to not publicize their involvement with their businesses, some well know celebs proudly boast their successful side projects. Here are a two k-pop celebrities who you would have not guessed own successful businesses:


Big Bang’s Seungri


As the maknae or youngest member of YG Entertainments longest running and most recognizable boy band, Seungri won over our hearts as the funny and lovable panda. Although the 26 year old is the fifth member of a very successful and prosperous group, he has openly expressed in the past his desire to invest and have a stable source of income outside from being an idol. He opened several dance schools in Korea under the name Joy Dance – Plug in Music Academy. They provide training for both singing and dancing and have been attended by 2NE1’s Minzy and KARA’s Goo Hara. No surprise he would open up a chain of dance studios being as that was his first talent and passion.

He also owns a few trendy lounge bars in Seoul known as Monkey Museum which has a branch in Cheongnam, Seoul as well as China. Feeling hungry? Why don’t you stop by his authentic Japanese restaurant, Aori Ramen, also found in Cheongnam and a second location in Roppongi, Tokyo. Probably one of the most beneficial and humanitarian of all his businesses is his medical company, CubeBIO, which develops cancer screening kits. As he once stated, being able to provide portable take home cancer screening kits was always a dream of his.


Jay Park


Now signed to Jay-Z’s ROC Nation, Jay Park is one of the few Korean artists to gain fame even outside of his home country. The Seattle born artists is known for being a singer, dancer, rapper, music producer, songwriter, choreographer, and actor, and as the leader of the boy band 2PM. His entrepreneurship and knack for PR has culminated in his founding of AOMG, an independent record label that specializes in Hip Hop. It stands for Above Ordinary Music Group. Jay is founder and Co-CEO of the company with fellow rapper Simon D. Popular artist signed to this label include Grey, SIMON Dominic, LOCO, and Ugly Duck to name a few.


Next time you think of your favorite idol as just a singer/performer; always remember there’s more than what meets the eye. A business mogul could be hiding beneath.



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K-Pop Idols You Didn’t Know Are Successful Business Owners

They wow and excite us with their spectacular stage presence and vocals,...
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