Infinity Challenge PD reveals details about the H.O.T meeting stage.

Infinity Challenge PD reveals details about the H.O.T meeting stage.

Infinite Challenge PD Lim Kyung Sik revealed more details about the veteran group meeting. On January 30, in a telephone conversation with YTN Star, he explained the details, saying,

“Saturday Saturday is a singer” is a concept about time travel 20 years to experience past nostalgic events. Similarly, the MBC Hall selected since it was the same location where H.O.T made its official debut. Becoming even more significant. “

Ever since the show announced the group’s appearance, the event drew a lot of excitement among the fans. The episode will be recorded on February 15 in Ilsan. However, the place holds only 800 seats. “We are waiting 17 years for this return. And MBC’s Ilsan site is too small to accommodate the large audience with only 800 seats”

The place that the fans asked for was Yeoido, because it is a significant place for H.O.T. Since it was the first stage where they staged in 1996. But in opposition to what the fans asked, the event will take place in Ilsan.

Lim PD commented, “The whole team will work hard to present a fantastic stage for long-time fans who can not attend the live performance. Look forward to the HOT meeting on television.”

Meanwhile, the Lunar New Year special with the H.O.T stage will happen on February 17th and 24th.







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