“Hwayugi” Crew member revealed to be severely injured on the set.


On December 26th, a crew member of “Hwayugi” belatedly revealed to have been severely injured while working on set.

The accident was reported to have occurred early morning on December 23rd, the very day of the premiere of “Hwayugi”. According to the reports, a crew member was severely injured in an accident when he fell from a height of over 3 meters (approximately 9.84 feet) while working on set. The crew member was hanging a chandelier from the ceiling at the request of the producer, when he fell, breaking his spine and hip bone.

According to the reports his pelvis hit the ground first, then his head, upon which he began to show symptoms of cerebral hemorrhaging. The crew member was unconscious as he was being taken to the emergency room and may be paralyzed from waist down. The initial professional opinion was that the crew member  “could also become brain dead,” but fortunately after he regained his consciousness, he could recognize his wife, children and other family members. The family of the injured crew member is reported to be preparing to sue the producer who requested for him to work on the set at early hours.

The crew member is currently one of the set managers under a service contract with JS Pictures which is the production company of “Hwayugi” and is a member of the artistic team from MBC Art, a subsidiary of MBC.

Despite this accident, “Hwayugi” aired as planned on December 23rd, and reportedly, the production company JS Pictures as well as tvN were initially quiet about this accident. “Hwayugi” also faced problems during its December 24th broadcast, which could have been partially been due to the accident on set.

tvN apologized to the family members and explained their course of action, in the following statement:

We would first like to apologize to the family members who are hurting due to this unfortunate accident, and are sorry to deliver [this news] to everyone who has shown interest in ‘Hwayugi’

We recognized the magnitude of the ‘Hwayugi’ crew member’s accident from its onset, and have been regularly discussing with the crew member’s family in regards to his continuing treatments.

Since the accident that occurred while the crew member was preparing for the following day’s shoot, at around 2 a.m. KST on December 23, an executive producer was with the crew member in the ambulance as well as during the first stages of treatment. We have continuously been in mutual contact with [the family].

Moving forward, his family members have delegated his agency MBC Art to handle matters regarding the accident. The production company JS Pictures and MBC Art will be meeting to discuss tomorrow [December 27 KST].

Sincerely hoping that he will recover as soon as he can, the producers of ‘Hwayugi’ and tvN are carefully keeping watch over his progress. We will do our absolute best while handling matters regarding this accident after the fact. We will be more careful and make every effort to make sure an accident does not occur again on set.”

We hope the injured crew member gets well soon, and that the production team and crew on sets, take safety precautions before attempting any risky tasks to avoid such unfortunate accidents.

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