Highlight Fans Furious with Highlight Concert Organization

…or lack thereof.

If there’s one thing not to mess with when it comes to fangirls, it’s their idols…and the idols’ concerts.

Unfortunately, one organization agency, gmFactory, made that very mistake with Highlight’s recent concert at Kwangju Women’s University, prompting a flood of complaints on social media. They even started trending a hashtag #GM팩토리_사과해 (GMFactory_Apologize), demanding that the agency apologize for the flood of rude concert-goers that gained access to the concert due to the organization’s poor planning and general disregard for the Light fans.

The list of complaints goes as follows.

1. A post made about Highlight’s concert in Gwangju from the organization’s representative had the following comment

Representative: How many tickets do you want to buy~?~?

Friend: Just give me all the ones left~

2. Tickets handed out at Kwangju University for free

The day before the concert, the university announced the concert as a “Beginning of Semester” event and gave out tickets to 75 students. This move basically turned a 110,000 won (about 110USD) concert into a regular school festival (in other words, degrading a precious – and expensive- fan event into a free-for-all buffet)

3. Staff

There was a general absence of official staff members (ya know, people who actually know how to do their job) and staff consisted of hired college female students who acted in an unprofessional manner. One took off her staff jacket and simply sat down to watch the concert, rather than carrying out her duties. Another failed to do her job properly regarding standing tickets and failed to organize and carry out entry into the standing section until a mere 30 minutes before the concert (when the standard time is an hour).

4. Mass distribution of (free) concert tickets

The organization took a large number of tickets and simply passed them out to people on the streets (AKA: non-fans “who didn’t even know the songs”). The most aggravating thing about this, the fans claim, is that some of these seats were the best in the house (a coveted thing for any fangirl when it comes to concerts) with some even being the very front of the standing section.

5. Allowing the non-fans to enter first

As pointed out in #4, many of the (very!) good standing tickets were passed out to regular people on the streets and thus, they were able to enter first before the staff even opened the doors for the actual fans. As a result, the non-fans were able to have the best spots at the very front of the standing section.

6. The lack of manners at the concert

As you know, it’s really aggravating when you miss out on something, only to lose it to someone who doesn’t even appreciate it and cause trouble. According to the fans, the “muggles” (what K-pop fans call non-Kpop fans) had a general lack of manners and disregarded stadium rules. This included eating and drinking alcohol inside the stadium (BIG no-no), arriving late at the concert, pushing in the standing section, leaving the concert while covering their ears, causing disruptions during ment, and more

7. Trashing of concert banners

After posting a mocking instagram post about Highlight with the concert banner, people merely threw them on the floor and left (that’s littering, folks!)

8. When the fans demanded answers, the organization failed to respond and it was Highlight themselves who posted apologies to their fans.

*UPDATE: gmFactory did post an announcement on their official instagram after the list of complaints was released, but it did little to appease the furious fans. It reads:

Hello. This is gmFactory.

We would like to apologize for all that happened during the Highlight concert on Friday. First, regarding the controversy of the two girls who were able to enter into first floor standing section before entry time, the security supervisor was asked for the truth of this situation. According to security, the two lied about being members of concert staff and were allowed in first as a result.

The schedule was not managed well so we apologize for those who actually bought tickets to the concert for causing any disruptions and discomfort. And in regards to the girl who snuck beer in during the concert, we acknowledge that it was due to our carelessness in checking her bags as we wanted her to enter quickly.

Also, we apologize in regards to the staff personnel who are entrusted with the fan’s safety and comfort yet sat down and took photos instead and made the fans uncomfortable. We apologize to Highlight, Around Us Entertainment, and to the Light fans who failed to enjoy the concert.



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