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GOT7 releases teaser group photos for the release of the album “SPINNING TOP”

At 0:00 (KST) May 7, JYP made the heat of this comeback explode when for the first time publishing two group teaser photos featuring 7 members for the album “SPINNING TOP” via GOT7‘s SNS channels.

Recently, JYP Entertainment announced that GOT7 will release a new album entitled “SPINNING TOP” on May 20 and start to conduct their world tour from June.

Earlier, the group once aroused viewers’ curiosity when revealing the teaser video for the album “SPINNING TOP” with the image of a spinning top steadily rotating and suddenly losing balance and shaking. “SPINNING TOP” is an album which heralds a new milestone of GOT7. Before the comeback, the group plans to interact with fans by in turn revealing diverse contents such as music, message, visual, etc.

(Photo: JYP Entertainment)

With the love of Ahgase (the fandom’s name) from all around the world, GOT7 is arousing intense interest in information on the first city that their world tour will visit and their 2019 world tour venues. Expectedly, JYP will soon publish the specific tour plan.

GOT7 will kick off the 2019 world tour with a concert on June 15 and 16. In 2018, the group proved their position of a global trending idol by successfully wrapping up the “GOT7 2nd WORLD TOUR ‘EYES ON YOU'” including 21 concerts in 17 cities all over the globe.

GOT7 will make a comeback with the release of the new album “SPINNING TOP” after 5 months since the repackaged album “Present: YOU’ & ME Edition” with the title song “Miracle” in December 2018.

Source: OSEN

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