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GOT7 launches mysterious teaser to reveal the title track “ECLIPSE”

At 0:00 (KST) May 15, through GOT7‘s official SNS, JYP Entertainment unveiled for the first time the MV teaser that has a part of the melody of the title song “ECLIPSE”. This is the first GOT7’s comeback in 2019.

In this teaser video, on the background where light and darkness intersect, the combination of the delicate sound, brilliant visuals, and the painful gazes of the seven GOT7 members has drawn a lot of attention.

The image of member Yugyeom using hand to cover the light, then the darkness seems to slowly cover the clear blue sky in the video makes the public think of the song’s title “ECLIPSE” and raised curiosity for the full MV version.

The new album “SPINNING TOP” will have 7 songs, including the instrumental version of “ECLIPSE” which is only available on the CD. With each album, members of GOT7 demonstrate their individual musical ability through participating in composing and writing lyrics. This album is also the same as the boys participated in composing and writing lyrics for all the songs, thereby bringing the musical color of each member.

“ECLIPSE” is a song written by JYP President Park Jin Young, along with the participation in composition and lyrics writing of leader JB, who is writing songs under the stage name Defsoul. By the contrast between light and darkness, the song depicts the dark moment when the stable situation and confidence begin to waver, at the same time, expresses the depth of emotion through a trendy tune on the Future Bass background.

GOT7’s new album “SPINNING TOP” is currently available for pre-order on online discs selling sites, while the title song and b-side songs will be released on May 20 via online music sites.

(Video: JYP Official)
(Video: JYP Official)

Source: OSEN.

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