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GOT7 flaunts mysterious and mature charm in teaser photos “Spinning Top: Between Security & Insecurity”

At midnight (KST) May 9, via GOT7‘s SNS sites, JYP Entertainment dropped seven teaser photos portraying the new album concept of each member.

In the teaser images, seven members of GOT7 showed their sexy visuals and distinctive charismas on the background of spinning luminescence, thereby leaving a deep impression for viewers. The unique and spectacular atmosphere in the teaser also adds to the curiosity about the concept of the group’s this album.

And At 0:00 (KST) May 10, JYP uploaded other batch of individual teaser images of “SPINNING TOP” showing the visual concepts of the members on GOT7 ‘s official SNS channels.

In the teaser, GOT7 attracts viewers when looking directly at the camera lens and showing intense emotions under the red light. Moreover, the 7 members created a unique atmosphere with deep gazes as if they contained many stories, thereby provoking the public’s curiosity about the concept of the new album.

​Following the mesmerizing atmosphere of the magnificent light shown in the “SECURITY” version’s individual teaser images released previously, these teaser photos received a warm response from Ahgase (fandom name) when presenting a very strong concept.

Earlier, the “SPINNING TOP” video teaser released at 00:00 on April 26 showed the image of a spinning top rotating evenly at a steady pace and gradually wobbling and unbalanced, thereby raising the public’s curiosity for new albums and songs this time.

The new work titled “SPINNING TOP” is an album revealing the new orbit of GOT7. Ahead of the comeback, the group is expected to arouse Ahgase’s eager anticipation when in turn, revealing such content as music, messages, photos, etc.

On the other hand, GOT7 will carry out the 2019 world tour with the biggest scale so far, starting with a concert at KSPO Dome, Seoul for 2 days on June 15 and 16. In the first published schedule of the world tour throughout 17 cities of Asia, North-South America, Europe, the words “AND MORE” have predicted the addition of concerts and aroused fans’ curiosity about the locations to be added.

In particular, GOT7 has attracted the attention of the music world when announcing the cooperation with the world-famous concert organizing company Live Nation in the group’s concerts in North – South America, Australia and Europe. This is the unit that has been in charge of holding concerts of many famous international artists like Paul McCartney, Coldplay, Maroon 5, Lady Gaga, etc.

GOT7’s new album “SPINNING TOP” is opened for pre-order through online record sites and will be available on online music sites on May 20.

Source: Xportsnews | OSEN

Photos: JYP Entertainment

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