GOT7 to appear in a new reality program “Working Eat Holiday in Jeju”!

GOT7 reality show Working Eat Holiday in Jeju

GOT7 will be appearing in a new reality show titled “Working Eat Holiday in Jeju“!

On December 12th, it was announced that GOT7 will be showcasing a new reality program called “Working Eat Holiday in Jeju” and the format of the program is exactly what the title suggests, which is the members working and eating at a holiday in Jeju island.

For the show, GOT7 members went on a working holiday trip to Jeju island from December 7th through December 9th and worked on a food-truck business to sell food. The food truck featured menu items like the “7-star rice bowl” and tangerine juice, which the members prepared with their own hands, to serve the customers.

“Working Eat Holiday in Jeju” will begin airing through a cable channel and Naver V in early February 2018.

The interesting format of the program will not fail to entertain the fans as it would be interesting to watch the members cook and prepare delicious food items, while working at a beautiful island.

Are your excited about GOT7’s new reality show?

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