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Go Joon Hee will be a medium and Yeon Jeong Hun will play villain in the new series ‘Possessed’.

The 16-episode series is still under recording. But Studio Dragon that is producing the thriller series will launch on March 6, at 11 pm, and will be broadcast on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

In the trailer released last week shows a detective played by Song Sae Byeok, who has low tolerance for ghosts, but who ends up knowing the daughter of a powerful spiritual medium and who also has the same powers.

The series will be directed by Choi Do Hoon who also directed “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God,” was a hit series in 2016. And that also resembles “Possessed” in the dark tones.

In a showcase, director Choi has promised that the audience will have a fun show, which will include mystery, investigation, romance, comedy, fantasy and thriller.

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The cast also were quite excited about the debut. Go Joon Hee will be starring in a thriller series for the first time in her career, she stated: “I never thought I’d film the genre show, but I decided to join them as a new challenge.”

Yeon Jeong Hun was also excited, saying: “It’s fun to be on an OCN show as an actor as I always feel that we are given an opportunity to create something new.” Recalling that he was starring in the previous thriller series at the OCN “The Vampire Detective”.

Jo Han Sun who was away from the TV for two years will return to act in this series. He said it’s hard to describe his role as a multidimensional character.

And Song will be the main character next to Go. He said that Go Joon Hee was too beautiful to do the character but was convinced by the gestures and the speeches of the actress. And he added that they have good chemistry.

Choi Do Hoon also added that filming will be finalized on the day the first episode will air.

So stay tuned for more updates and news.

Source: The Korea Herald

Photo: OCN

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