Gaon chart changes policy to consider different formats like USB as an “album”.

Gaon Chart to revise 2018 policy and consider USB as "album"

Gaon Chart revises policy to consider different formats like USB as an “album”.

Previously, Gaon Chart had confirmed that they would not consider G-Dragon’s “Kwon Ji Yong” USB as an album. However, Gaon Chart revises their policy for 2018, to expand the environment for digital music market.

A source form Gaon Chart revealed that the album chart will redefine the definition of “album” in revised copyright laws and will include items that are not traditional offline albums, along with revising the value of streaming services for their charts.

The source reported, “The value of downloading was much higher than the value of streaming because it was only possible to listen through a PC environment with the early digital music market in the 2000s. However, the appearance of smart phones after 2010 and improvements in wireless network connections have led to an increase in streaming services which have become a major type of music consumption, while downloading services are on the decline.

We will stop discounting the weight of streaming for package deals (streaming + download package services, etc) and raise the value of streaming.”, added the source.

Gaon Chart’s new policy will also acknowledge G-Dragon’s USB as an album. The new policy will be in effect starting from January 1st, 2018.

With the change in technology and increased usage of internet, music consumption is no more limited to only physical albums or DVDs. Hence such progressive changes in the policy can enable music consumers to access music via non traditional means of “album” and also provide artists/singers with a scope to expand their creative boundaries.

What are your thoughts on the revised policy? Do you suggest similar policy changes to be made in other music streaming sites as well?

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