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Fans think SNSD is giving hints of a comeback from them in the SNS.

On April 13, in her personal account on Instagram, Sunny posted a series of new photos with the caption, “Re-energized so … slowly …?!”. In the photos, Sunny is eating a cake as if enjoying a comfortable daily life.

What is out of time are the comments of other SNSD‘s members in the post. Taeyeon commented, “Should I try to slowly recharge my energy?” Yuri also contributed, “Let’s slowly have fun.” YoonA said, “It’s true that we have to charge the energy. Tired, so tired.”

(Photo: Sunny’s personal Instagram account)

Sunny’s post and all comments from SNSD members bring a lot of hidden meanings, which increases the expectation of fans. Some speculate that the SNSD are planning “slowly” to do after revitalization what can be a monumental comeback.

The group debuted in 2007 but in 2017, Tiffany, Sooyoung and Seohyun left SM Entertainment causing a temporary interruption in the full lineup. However, at that time, the agency rejected the rumors of disbandment, “SNSD is a group that has a great meaning to SM as well as fans.” The members also have absolutely no intention of disbanding. be discussed with the members and cautiously decided. “

Source: OSEN

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