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EXO-SC will officially debut on July 22.

EXO-SC‘s first mini-album “What a life” will be released on July 22. The album has a total of 6 songs with different atmospheres.

In particular, EXO-SC is the first EXO duo. The two members have charismatic vocals and execution skills as well as prominent appearances. They are working in various fields, from stylish music, films, dramas, entertainment programs and gaining worldwide popularity. Therefore, both singers are expected to show a new appearance through this unitary activity.

In addition, EXO-SC proved its potential just before the official debut with the song “We Young” released through the project “STATION X 0” in September 2018, when it reached number 1 in the iTunes synthesis table in 17 regions around the world, leading the synthetic map of Xiami Music (China), thus promising that this album will also receive enthusiastic attention.

EXO-SC’s first mini-album “What a life” will be available for pre-order from online and offline stores beginning June 28.

Source: OSEN

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