EXO-CBX is at the top of the music charts in 35 different countries with the 2nd mini album “Blooming Days”.

EXO-CBX is at the top of the world’s charts.

Following the release of the 2nd mini album “Blooming Days”, the EXO’s sub-unit was at the top of iTunes Album Charts in 35 countries. Including Finland, Greece, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Portugal, Turkey, Russia. Czech Republic, Slovakia, Peru, Armenia, Argentina, India, Indonesia, UAE. Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, Colombia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines. Vietnam, Macau, Thailand, Cambodia, Brunei, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Israel.

However, the album also came in first in the Synnara and Hottracks’ Daily Album Chart on launch day. And in China, the album was at the top of the Xiami Music’s Koren Music chart. A great success for the EXO-CBX boys!

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