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EXID releases video and group photo teaser for the release of the track “Me & You”.

On the afternoon of May 10, girl group EXID announced the first teaser video of the new song “ME&YOU” via the official SNS.

The published video displays the scene of EXID members being together in wedding dresses. The girls looked straight into the camera with the expressions that showed their own personality and closed the video with the image of the bridal bouquet toss, thereby leaving a strong resonance in the hearts of viewers. In particular, a part of the addictive melody in the title song “ME&YOU” was revealed, heightening viewers’ expectation on this new song.

(Video: Banana Culture Official

In the same day, at 12 pm (KST), EXID dropped the first group teaser photo for the new song “ME&YOU” via the official SNS.

In the published photo, EXID members showed off their own charms when looking at the camera with the backdrop of colorful tiles. Along with their unique gazes and poses, the five girls also delivered a mysterious atmosphere, thereby raising the expectations of fans for the new song “ME&YOU” which is set to be released on May 15.

(Photo: Banana Culture Entertainment )

With the collaboration in production of Shinsadong Tiger, musician Beverly Kidz, and LE, EXID’s new track “ME&YOU” is receiving worldwide fans’ expectations right from before its release. Besides the title song, this album is drawing fans’ attention by delivering songs of various genres such as “How Are You”, “Don’t Be Shy”, “Night”, etc.

On the other hand, EXID is in the preparation process for the comeback showcase to interact with the fans held on May 15 – the same day with the album’s release date.

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