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EXID bring out pure images in new teaser for “ME&YOU” and announces new mini-album’s spoiler video.

At 12 pm (KST) May 12, girl group EXID revealed the second group photo of the new track “ME&YOU” via the official SNS.

EXID members have shown their charisma and posing to show individual characteristics of each person around the empty chairs appearing at the end of the previously-revealed personal spoiler video. The girls dressed in brightly-colored-costumes and attracted viewers’ expectations about the new song when delivering a warm and pure feeling.

On the afternoon of May 11, EXID announced the group’s video spoiler for the mini-album “WE” through the official SNS.

The video records the scene when the members are taking individual photos. The members wore outfits with bright colors and exuded pure charisma. In the last scene, the 5 members posed together on the chair appearing in the individual teaser earlier and demonstrated their steadfast teamwork spirit. In particular, part of the song “WE ARE” – the fan song that the group participated in writing lyrics together – was also revealed and drew attention with a repeated cheerful melody. Thus, EXID is heightening fans’ expectations on this album.

“ME&YOU” is the song composed by Shinsadong Tiger, musician Beverly Kidz, and LE. The song has received much anticipation of Korean and international fans right before its release. In addition to the title track, EXID also raised the fans’ anticipations when revealing b-side songs of various genres such as the fan song “WE ARE”, “How Are You”, “Don’t Spare Me”, “My Night”, etc.

On the other hand, EXID is in the process of preparing for the comeback showcase to interact with fans, which will be carried out at the same time on the album release date May 15.

(Video: Banana Culture Official)

Source: TEN Asia | OSEN

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