Director of 2018 Olympics ceremonies reveal BTS was among the artists invited to perform.

olympics ceremonies director reveal BTS was approached for performance

Following the explanation on PSY, director of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics opening and closing ceremony, Song Seung Hwan further revealed about the casting artists for the ceremonies.

On February 26th, in a telephonic interview with Yonhap News, director Song Seung Hwan discussed about the casting of artists for performances at the Olympics. On not having more performances at the Olympics he shared, “It was difficult to allow for more K-pop performances due to the running time and several other rituals that had to take place.

He further explained, “We wanted to invite a few more teams, but there were also some that fell through due to scheduling and other issues. Included in those were PSY and BTS.

Song Seung Hwan added, “We sent an offer to BTS early last year, but they have so many schedules abroad. It seemed likely that they would be abroad during the Olympics, so it was difficult to schedule them ahead of time.

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