More details revealed about CL,Taeyang and Oh Hyuk’s upcoming music variety show.

Taeyang,CL,Oh Hyuk, Double Life variety show

More details have been released about tvN‘s upcoming Music Variety Show which will be starring Taeyang, CL and Oh Hyuk.

The show is titled “My Job is a Singer- Their Double Lives” or “Double Life” for short (literal translation). The show will premiere in November this year.

The concept of the show aims at presenting in front of the viewers, the behind-the-stage lives of Korea’s top one percent artists CL, BIGBANG member Taeyang and Oh Hyuk. The program will show the ‘double lives’ of these artists, something the fans have always been curious about. From working on their music to preparing for performances to their ordinary daily lives, which will give an insight to the real lives of the artists.

One of Korea’s most popular R&B artist Taeyang, will be starring in this show as 30 year old Dong Young Bae, who began his singing career 12 years ago when he first debuted as a member of the boy group BIGBANG. He is known for his smooth vocals and powerful performances on stage. Through “Double Life” Taeyang will let the viewers know more about himself, not only as an artist Taeyang but also as Young Bae. Revealing about his life, about things he wants to do, places he wants to go, food he wants to eat and dreams he wants to achieve.

Another very famous 26 year old music diva, rapper, singer and song-writer Lee Chae Rin, stage name CL, will be opening up about her life in this show. She is know for her charisma and has never failed to stun the world with her fierce performances. Through this show you can see both sides of CL as she shows her clumsy self, in daily life and her conqueror side, on stage.

The third artist starring in this show is popular indie artist Oh Hyuk, whose music feels like a breath of fresh air. This 25 year old singer is a part of band ‘Hyuk Oh‘ and is known for his unique vocals on-stage, but off stage he has a very colourful personality as he enjoys hanging out with friends.

Kush, Yoo Se Yoon, Defcon, Jung Hyung Don, Double Life, Variety Show

It was also revealed that Kush, Yoon Se Yoon, Defcon and Jung Hyung Don will also be a part of this show as MCs.

The first episode of “Double Life” will be broadcast soon in November, on tvN.

Are you excited to watch the ‘double lives’ of artists in “Double Life”?

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