DAY6’s Jae Post First Vlog Video On Youtube

Jae the vocalist from the rock band DAY6 has started a YouTube channel and posted his first vlog. One of his close friends Coco who is a  part of a K-pop duo called CocoSori has a YouTube channel called Rilaccoco where Jae occasionally makes appearances. This might have been the cause for his new YouTube channel since in her vlogs he would sometimes be the one holding the camera and speaking to the audience.

His new Vlog post is titled, ‘A Jae In the Life of Day VLOG #1’, the idol singer shows us a day in his life where he makes his way towards a radio show with his friend Bernard. You can also see him hang out on the set of After School Club and then catch a flight back home to California. This video is filled with funny edits and content that is entertaining to watch, but besides that we will get to see a typical day of a kpop idol.

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