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CLC releases dance practice of the song “ME (美)”.

On June 5, through the official channel of Cube Entertainment on YouTube, CLC published the dance video for the digital single “ME (美)”, released on May 29.

In the video released, CLC members showed a powerful and charismatic performance of the song “ME (美)” – which is drawing a lot of attention because of its intense and uninterrupted rhythm. In particular, despite showing strong performance, the girls still captured every eye with comfortable expressions and gestures.

In addition to the intense sound and drastic beat, the digital single “ME (美)” is also highly addictive thanks to the reverse chorus during the song’s implementation. The song subtly expresses the theme “Beautiful Me” through the use of homophone between the word “I” in English and the Chinese character “美”, meaning “beauty.”

The CLC is expected to continue a series of exciting activities with the digital single “ME (美)”.

(Video: Cube Entertainment)

Source: Xportsnews

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