Celebrating Fall & Winter Holidays in Korea

What’s it like to feel homesick during the holidays in Korea? It can be sad and frustrating. You miss the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s buzz that Canada, Europe, and America have, but what are some ways to fill the void? Here are the top 5 ways.

  1. Pumpkin Spice Latte-Everybody in America knows what this latte is, and it is insanely popular. Many people wait anxiously for it to come out each year around Thanksgiving and Christmas, but you can also take a sip of this lovely holiday drink near Itaewon in Fat Cat Neighborhood Bistro and take the edge off missing your home during the holidays.
  2. Hot Chocolate-For all the Europeans who miss the thick Italian hot chocolate, then this next place is for you. They also serve a tasty milk chocolate that will make your mouth water and you can sit and warm up from the cold Korean winter and after go Christmas shopping in the wonderful underground mall in Express Bus Terminal. Max Brenner is a place for all chocolate lovers.
  3. Thanksgiving Dinner-Are you miss out on the Turkey and dressing for Thanksgiving. In Itaewon, which is the place for everything related to foreigners, many restaurants serve a Thanksgiving dinner the week of Thanksgiving. Starting at around 20,000 won you can eat a plate or if you choose a buffet type Thanksgiving dinner. The Beastro, WinK, Bull & Barrel, and Southside Parlor are just a few restaurants in the area that are known for having a pretty decent Thanksgiving dinner for foreigners missing home.
  4. Shopping-What would the holidays be without shopping? Well, they wouldn’t be to fun. For all your shopping needs head to Myeongdong. You can enjoy clothing, music, food, the largest Daiso, and many more stores to shop until your heart’s content and to find the perfect gift for even the hardest person on your list.
  5. Christmas trees & decorations-Korea can sometimes look very bland during the holidays compared to many other places in the world. Where are the Christmas lights, the trees, the Christmas spirit, look around and nothing seems to have changed, but don’t fear your local Emart, Lotte, or Homeplus carry fake Christmas trees and decorations to decorate to your heart’s content. I sadly have never seen a place to sell or carry real trees, but at least a fake tree is a second best option.

For foreigners living in a foreign land coping during the holidays can be hard, but maybe these holiday tips and places to visit can help you enjoy the holidays at your home away from home just a little bit more.



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Celebrating Fall & Winter Holidays in Korea

What’s it like to feel homesick during the holidays in Korea? It...
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