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TXT reveals trailer for the debut track “Crown” and video viralized in the social media.

The new group of boys from Big Hit Entertainment released, this Monday, their first trailer, for their debut single “Crown”. Expected to be the new “Bangtan Boys,” the thirty-second video quickly viralized into social media. In the first look video, the boys appear in line, looking at camera, along with […]

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Police consider opening an investigation into Big Bang’s Seungri

경찰이 마약 투약 혐의로 구속된 버닝썬 직원의 집에서 각종 마약을 찾아냈습니다. 경찰은 필요하다면 사내이사였던 가수 승리 씨도 수사할 수 있다고 밝혔습니다. Police recently searched the house of a Burning Sun employee, Cho, who was suspected of taking drugs.  The police found party drugs such as ecstasy, Happy Balloon (inhaled hallucinogenic substances […]

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Producer Kush To Leave YG

Artist and producer Kush has left YG Entertainment to create his own label. On February 19, reports reveals Kush, who was a producer under YG Entertainment’s sub-label The Black Label, is leaving the agency to create an independent label. He has been active as a composer and rapper since 2007, and has worked on hits […]