BTS’s Suga and RM’s funny twitter conversation makes netizens crack up, trending hashtag worldwide.

hashtag trends no.1, BTS Suga falls on butt while working, from RM's chair

2018 has gotten off to a bit of a rocky start for BTS‘s Suga as he hurt his butt while working and netizens couldn’t stop but trend a hashtag about this incident.

On January 3rd (KST), BTS‘s Suga took to twitter to share his pain after an unfortunate yet funny incident, as he fell off his chair while working. To which RM replied, explaining the complete situation while giving Suga a new name and the conversation hilariously continued on. Netizens couldn’t help but tweet about this funny incident, which lead to trending a hashtag worldwide at no.1.

Heres the interesting conversation between BTS members Suga and RM.

Suga tweeted, “Landed on my butt while I was working #ithurts #suga #Imdumbfounded #HappyNewYear #painful.

To which RM replied tweeting, “I mean, I brought a new chair and hyung (Suga) asked me for my old one so I gave it to him, but (he) fell and hurt his butt… (I) used it over a year and that never happened to me.. hyung.. I am better than you.. from today hyung will be called ‘min deol-lung'(careless).

RM then added, “Or I recommend #Min-deong-bang-ah“, which is basically a play of words and literally translates to “Min-butt-hurt butt”, where Min stands for ‘Min Yoongi’ which is Suga’s actual name.

Accepting the new name, Suga wrote, “Hi! I’m Mindongbangah.

In reply RM posted what he found to be the most appropriate picture for the situation, writing, “Yep this picture is perfect. #mindongbangah” and asked Suga, “Hows my picture selection hyung (Suga).”

As Suga noticed in the comments section, that the fans were laughing at the funny situation, he wrote, “Don’t laugh everyone, it really hurts.

RM tried to console saying, “Please do #MinSooMooGang hyung nim.. Us working hard on producing.. Fighting..” Here MinSooMooGang means long life, longevity, which is derived from Man soo moo gang.

Suga again expressed the intensity of his pain, and wrote, “Seriously, stop laughing my left butt cheek hurts.” And RM then tried to aid Suga’s pain by posting an edited picture of him with the tweet, “Okay, I even stuck two band aids for you.

As the conversation continued, fans actively shared about it with the hashtag #Mindongbangah trending worldwide at No.1. Netizens also found out that the crowd sourced online dictionary ‘Urban Dictionary’ website, had the term ‘mindongbangah’ registered immediately after this incident.

BTS Suga falls on butt while working, from RM's chair

BTS Suga falls on butt while working, from RM's chair

And this was not just it, after the conversation ended, many fans came up with creative gifs and fan arts, to depict the situation accurately. Some of them also came up with a spoof of BTS’s “MIC Drop”, with edited lyrics that describe how Suga is in pain after falling off the chair. Check out some of the interesting tweets, below:

Did you enjoy this adorable conversation as well?

(Translation Credit: Sugafull27, bangtanolojade)



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