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BTS sells all tour concert tickets in 5 big stadiums in just one day. And add one more show in London.

As previously reported, Big Hit Entertainment opened the ticketing on March 1 for the “LOVE YOURSELF SPEAK YOURSELF” tour concerts.

The first sold-out stadium was Wembley Stadium in London with a capacity of 90,000 seats and tickets ended in just 90 minutes and for fans to have a chance to attend, the agency decided to hold another show in London . While the first concert will take place on June 1st, the second concert will be for the next day on the 2nd. But the pre-order of the tickets will only open on March 8th.

(Photo: Big Hit Entertainment)

That the tour and the BTS’ boys are a worldwide success, this no one can deny. For the other tour concerts, the vast majority will be held in stadiums and it will be expected that another 410,000 people participate in 5 concerts in stadiums. The first stadium in the list is the Rose Bowl Stadium in LA with a capacity of 100,000 seats, followed by Soldier Field in Chicago, occupying 60,000 people, MetLife in New Jersey (USA) accommodates 80,000 people in its capacity, Wembley Stadium in London (England) has space for 90,000, and Stade de France in Paris (France) with a capacity of 80,000. Incredibly everyone with sold out tickets.

(Photo: OSEN)

Especially in London, Wembley Stadium appears in some scenes from the award-winning film, “Bohemian Rhaspody,” a biography of one of the world’s biggest bands, Queen.

BTS is expected to break records with the impressive numbers of fans who will be attending their shows.

Source: OSEN

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