BTS releases final teaser Mnet “[COMEBACK SHOW-BTS DNA] D-1”!

BTS Mnet Comeback Show

BTS releases the final teaser video for their comeback stage “COMEBACK SHOW-BTS DNA” D-1!

With just a day remaining for their Mnet comeback stage, BTS releases the final teaser video on Sept 20th. In this teaser video, they show each member describing about the DNA of other members. The video opens with Jungkook taking the responsibility to film and find out the DNA of each member. The members talk about the characteristics and nature of each other while filming everything themselves. The video also has a special appearance of Jin’s cute sugar gliders.

The comeback show has a lot in store for the fans as BTS will be revealing everything about themselves from their true nature to their DNA, the dorm rooms to their individual work studios, and many more behind the scene album production footage.

Mnet via their official twitter, posts, ” [COMEBACK SHOW- BTS DNA] D-1 What kind of DNA do the members have? Tomorrow at #ComebackShow #DNAStage #FirstToRelease! If you’re curious, make sure to watch them!”

Don’t forget to watch their comeback stage Mnet COMEBACK SHOW-BTS DNA on Sept 21st at 8:30 PM KST, which will be broadcast live and one can watch it from every part of the world.

Check out the COMEBACK SHOW- BTS DNA D-1 video:

Best of Luck BTS!




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