BTS Mysterious Countdown Clock

So the Countdown begins, but for what exactly we do not know. There is a timer on  illustrated by the new BTS logo Which looks like two doors that are slightly open. There is a timer at the bottom with the hours, minutes and seconds shown. Many fans are going crazy about it and are assuming that it has to be the countdown for the release of their new album ‘ Love Yourself: Her.’

What I think however is that this timer is the countdown of them releasing a teaser to either a Music Video or pictures. In fact the highlight reels for ‘Love Yourself’ that were released last month might not be the end of what BTS has in stores for us.

People who manually adjust their date and time settings have noticed that the door grows wider as you get closer to 00:00:00.

You can pre-order BTS’s new album ‘Love Yourself’ now! The released date is on September 18.



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