BTS’ Love Yourself: Her Teaser’s Have Everyone Shocked

Last We Heard

BTS’ (벙턴소년던) last release was there remake of Come Back Home on July 5th, 2017. Before then, they had been touring worldwide on their Wings concert so it is understandable that they had not released any music. However, talk of a comeback was heard and while the fans were excited, some were also concerned. BTS had just took a break from their tour, and they were already announcing a comeback in September? Sounded too good to be true.

BTS Release Teasers

BTS continues to surprise fans. On August 10th, 2017 BigHit Entertainment released the first ever teaser for the new album on Twitter. Which predictably had fans freaking out.

The next day, they continued releasing more teaser posters containing the rest of the members. A second set of images paired members together contrasting light and dark photos before again ending with Jin as a solo. (See Gallery)

Love Yourself: Her Explained

After posting the pictures, BigHit Entertainment also released a note titled “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life The Notes.” Using this to connect Love Yourself with the earlier era. Written byJin, a memo dated “13 June Year 22” explains why they have gone their separate ways. It dramatically ends on a cliffhanger revealing that Jungkook was in a car accident.

Three highlight reels were also released that show the members in different situations interacting with women and one another. What it means for BTS and the Love Yourself series overall is still unknown. BTS’ company has already revealed via press release that the plot of the entire Love Yourself project is contained in the first highlight reel.

Highlight Reels Explained

Each of the videos released so far are subtitled with a single Chinese character. Put together, they make up the phrase 起承轉結, or 기승전결 in Korean. The phrase is used when describing the four steps of a story’s plot development: introduction, climax, falling action, and conclusion. Each video released so far has shown one of those elements.

Still Unknown

Love Yourself is BTS’ new era that will last into 2018, and they have yet to reveal much more than that. Like the other concepts, Love Yourself is going to express its theme through music and kdrama worthy acting. However, BTS’ representatives have said that the posters are not directly part of the “pre-promotion of BTS’ upcoming new albums.” So it can be said with certainty no one really knows what BTS is doing, just that it’s going to be amazing.




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