BTS is Loving Themselves in the Next Comeback!

Just this week the popular Kpop group BTS has released a much anticipated highlight reel for there new album called “Love Yourself”. The group is supposed to make a much anticipated comeback in September and whether it is a mini or full album the fans are sure to be thrilled. The highlight reel once again puts the fans at the edge of their seat guessing where the story will go next as a follow-up to their previous albums “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” Wings” and “You Never Walk Alone.” In the reel each member has an encounter with a girl and at the end it seems like the member Jin is thinking along the lines of, “why do we not act in moments when we most want too, but instead we hold back and are left wondering”, “what if?” Regardless of how the boys might surprise us or shock us or just leave us wondering with this album the Army’s(Bts fan group) will for sure be in for another great album if the highlight reel is anything to go by, and I am sure all Army’s are once again hoping to get a tour, fanmeets, and maybe another award for BTS out of this album. With over 7 million followers on Twitter they are not lacking a fan base to support another successful comeback, album, and awards in the upcoming months.

The highlight reel in itself is almost 14 mins and it connects the previous albums. It seems to a have a deep message it is relaying to the fans and anybody that watches it. BTS is known for not only creating catchy music, but music that resonates deep messages about life, especially for young people. In this video, as well in each previous music video in this series the boys each have a part. For example, Jimin is showing what it is like to have depression, and his mistakes leading up to this, but whatever the location or other factors, he still has depression. The deeper meaning in this reel to all that watch seems to resonate as: we are only human, we all make mistakes, but even if we could undo them, we would still make them over and over again until we face ourselves and come to terms with the mistakes we have made, only then can we experience the most beautiful moments in life and to live with an open heart, an open mind, and to live fully, is to love yourself. For if you cannot love yourself, you will only be surviving and not living and holding onto your mistakes.




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