BTS’ Mnet “[COMEBACK SHOW- BTS DNA] D-5” released!

BTS, Mnet comeback show- BTS DNA D-5

BTS releases the second teaser video for their Mnet COMEBACK SHOW. On Sept 16th, Mnet released the teaser video “COMEBACK SHOW- BTS DNA D-5 ” @ V’s room and it is adorable.

The video shows the members cuddling with each other. In the beginning of the clip, the members are at V‘s room, trying to wake him up as Jin hops on bed with him and Jimin too joins both of them, while maknae Jungkook stands quietly by the bed capturing his sleepy hyungs.

Mnet tweets, saying, “[COMEBACK SHOW-BTS DNA] D-5. From the album production process to the members’ true appearance! # BangtanComeback. September 21st, Thursday, 8:30 PM (KST) on Mnet & Live Broadcasting Worldwide.”

Check out the adorable [COMEBACK SHOW-BTS DNA] D-5 video, below:

The comeback show will be on Sept 21st, at 8:30 PM (KST), which will be broadcast live worldwide.

These small clips show the glimpses of what their Mnet COMEBACK SHOW has in store for their fans, other than their comeback performances. This show will not just be the “LOVE YOURSELF 承: Her” performance debut, but will also show the making of the album along with the footage of the Bangtan members’ true nature. The next teaser for their comeback show will be released on D-3 i.e. on Sept 18th which is the very day of the release of “LOVE YOURSELF 承: Her”.

With just a day left before their comeback, what are your expectations from the album and the comeback show? Let me know in the comments section below.

Till the next “COMEBACK SHOW BTS-DNA” clip, on D-3 @ another member’s room!



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