Box Office hit movie “1987” surpasses 1 million moviegoers in just 4 days + images from behind-the-scenes.

“1987” : When the Day Comes"

Film “1987” prove to be a box office hit, surpassing 1 million moviegoers in just 4 days!

1987: When the Day Comes” is a historical drama film directed by Jang Joon Hwan, which was released on December 27th. According to the Korean Film Council, the movie recorded over 1 million moviegoers as of 9:30 a.m. KST on December 30th, meaning that the movie achieved this impressive feat in just four days since its release.

This is the same rate as the 10 million-viewers film “Ode to My Father”,“The Attorney,” and “The Himalayas”, which was a box office hit in December 2015.

To celebrate this 1 million milestone, the cast also released a photo thanking their fans. Director Jang Joon Hwan along with actors Kim Yun Seok, Ha Jung Woo, Kim Tae RiPark Hee Soon, and Lee Hee Joon captured the photo, holding up a paper with the message, “Surpassing 1 million! Thank You.”, with “1987” helium balloons behind them.

1987: When the Day Comes

The plot of “1987” in based on real life events surrounding the Democracy Movement in 1987. The movie tells the heartbreaking stories of those who sought to uncover the truth after the cover up of a case of a twenty-two year old college student, who died during a police interrogation in January 1987. The movie has been highly praised for depicting important scenes from Korea’s modern history, the actors’ passionate performances, for being well made and being an entertaining film.

The emotions conveyed can be felt just from viewing behind-the-scenes images, one can only image how deeply moving the entire film would be. Check out the posters of “1987” and images from the sets of the movie, below:

Check out the official trailers of “1987: When the Day Comes“, below:

Along with “Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds” and “Steel Rain”, “1987” was chosen by many, as a worth watch movie, from the second half of the yearreleases.

1987” is currently being screened at theaters all over Korea, so don’t miss this remarkable movie and go grab the tickets.

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